There’s nothing like this on JVZoo yet…

You see, I may not be the best marketer out there (in fact, I may not even come close) but there’s something I can always be confident about when it comes to my marketing!

…it’s revolutionary!

I’m always coming up with new strategies to do online business, get more traffic – more leads, more sales and more customers and I’m never copying to release after 10 types of that product have hit the market.

And when you see this – you’ll believe me!

Most times… I’m the first to release a particular type of product on JVZoo before you even see it litter around the market (if you followed my trend in 2014, you would have seen this because in 2015, I was just really doing a sequel)

But this time… I’m doing it all over again – a hot new trend!

I’m releasing another piece of revolutionary marketing software and it’s cloud-based – the first in the market, to the best of knowledge there’s nothing like it on JVZoo yet…

…it’s called MintsApp!

Save this date: Monday, October 26 @ 11am EST

A cloud based customer acquisition and engagement software that builds high addictive customer-driven marketing funnels.

Boy, are we set to make it rain?

Get ready to experience…

– $600 per sale
– $10+ EPCs
– $15,000+ in JV Prizes
– 20% Conversions
– MULTI-6 Figure Funnel Design to Make You Money

Checkout Mints JV page here to see more details

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We’ve also built up a massive presell funnel to prime your customers and get them eating up this product like a fresh hot pizza.

This is point-blank one of the best product I’ve put out in ages – I’ve never been more proud of a product before.

So affiliates, get ready for one of your biggest affiliate promotions in 2015…

Mark the date: Monday, October 26 @ 11am EST

Pre-launch starts: Wednesday, October 21 @ 3pm EST